The following IOT Sensors are available

Coin Cell

Uses a coin cell battery (CR2032)

Estimated batttery life is 1-2 years 


Uses 2 x AA type batteries

Estimated battery life is up to 10 years.


Robust and weatherproof for use in outdoors or in industrial applications.

Estimated battery life is up to 7 years


Ideal for small firms

Uses Your Existing Wi-Fi


PoE Powered
Line Power Optional

What are you looking to monitor?


These versatile remote temperature monitoring solutions are ideal for areas where extreme temps could degrade performance, assets, or safety. Monitor food storage, research labs, facilities, and more. Industry-topping, 25-month NIST Certification is available.

Wireless AC Current Meters

Deploy a Wireless AC Current Meter within 15 minutes to remotely monitor power consumption. Get valuable insights on machine health, HVAC performance, or supply issues via current usage. May also be used for submetering.

Wireless Accelerometers & Vibration Meters

Remotely track vibrations in machines or structures with these plug-&-play sensors. Collected data guides preventive machine maintenance or helps determine lifespan. Also, be instantly alerted if a barrier’s been breached or of excessive vibrations that may indicate imminent failure.

Wireless Air Quality Sensors

This easy-to-use air quality sensor measures PM1, PM2.5 & PM10 concentrations in the air. Protect occupants and ensure safety in mines, production facilities, commercial kitchens & more.


Remotely monitor the relative humidity in facilities & enclosures. Museums, data centers, and manufacturers alike count on sensor alerts and data to protect artifacts, electronics, sensitive materials, and mission-critical machines. A 7-month NIST Certification is available.

Wireless Light Meters

Wireless light meters track intensity from (0–83,000 lux) indoors. Spanning from moonlight to natural sunlight, these sensors help protect assets from excessive light exposure or augment security. Agribusinesses leverage lux data to maximize crop health and yield.

Wireless Pulse Counters

Monnit wireless pulse counters can be integrated with a dry contact or mechanical switch to count the number of actuations occurring within a given time frame.

Wireless Food Probe Thermometer

Created for a fast-food chain, this 21 CFR Part 11B compliant wireless probe replaces manual temperature checks for greater food safety and quality. Modernize production, preparation, and recipe creation with remote monitoring and automated data logging.


These mount-&-monitor sensors alert you when a door, window, or cabinet has been left open or is accessed after hours. Use for cold storage, labs, server rooms, remote facilities, or vacant buildings. Know valuable and irreplaceable assets are secure.

Wireless Water Detection Sensors

Spring a leak? These wireless and Power over Ethernet sensors will alert you instantly. Choose commercial, enterprise, and industrial-grade devices, as well as water rope sensors, award-winning puck, and detection plus models to monitor for water’s presence or absence.

Wireless Pressure Meters

Unique AA battery-powered sensor measures line pressure: gas, liquid, or vapor. These meters remotely monitor machines, pumps, or specialized areas (e.g., labs, negative pressure tents for health care, and cleanrooms). Choose from 50 or 300 PSIG meters.

Differential Air Pressure Sensors

These turnkey sensors measure the pressure difference between its two ports. Ideal for food service, healthcare & academia. Common applications include clean rooms, pharmaceutical production, commercial kitchens, and HVAC.

Infrared Motion and Occupancy Sensors

Wirelessly monitor motion (by people or animals) and know when an area is accessed. These passive infrared (PIR) sensors help augment security or quantify building traffic for sanitation. A wide-angle option tracks desk/cubical occupancy for space-booking.

Wireless Voltage Detection Sensors

Deploy a Wireless AC Current Meter within 15 minutes to remotely monitor power consumption. Get valuable insights on machine health, HVAC performance, or supply issues via current usage. May also be used for submetering.

Wireless Gas Detection Sensors

Each sensor in this award-winning family wirelessly monitors for a specific danger: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), or carbon dioxide (CO2). If gas exceeds user thresholds, an alert is issued. Use to maintain worksite compliance and safety.

Wireless Air Velocity Sensors

Velocity sensor measures the pressure difference between two input ports, as well as ambient temperature and altitude, to determine airflow speed in a system. Use in sensitive areas, e.g., hospitals and clean rooms.

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