Fever measurement made easy! With a non-contact thermometer, it is extremely easy to measure body temperature, ambient and surface temperature.

Low cost fever screening solution that’s ideal for locations with few visitors and employees. Simply point the infrared thermometer at the forehead of the person being tested and within two or three seconds the screen will flash if the person has a fever.


Forehead testing range: 32'C to 42'C
Article surface temperature test range: O°Cto 180'C
Accuracy: 32'C to 42°C ±0.3°C for forehead test temperature

Forehead temperature: test on the forehead or behind ear position

  • Test istance: 5cm to 15cm from thermometer head to forehead for forehead

  • Operation humidity: 10-95% RH

  • Response time: 0.8 seconds

  • Fever alarm: set the alarm temperature as you want (the default temperature is 38'C)

  • Records: maximum 32 testing records

  • Display with back light

  • Turn off automatically within 15 seconds without any operation



SANAS Calibration certificate can be provided on request

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