This self-contained, battery-powered unit is designed for accurate temperature monitoring to within 1°C for a temperature range between -30°C and 100°C


Unless you watch your assets around the clock, you don’t know whether they’re safe and working optimally.Cost, and usability of your possessions will no longer be an issue. When your assets go missing or get stolen, and time is of the essence, locate them quickly.  Act on the alerts received to create workflows to take appropriate action before the situation becomes problematic. Reduce downtime and optimise productivity by keeping a close eye on who uses what asset for what task. It’s a no-brainer: protect your assets and sleep better at night.

  • Insurance: Recover stolen vehicles

  • Logistics: Track assets along the supply chain

  • Construction: Fight equipment robberies

  • Sportsmen: Track itineraries without the hassle of carrying a smartphone

  • Rental: Keep track of rented equipment

  • Travellers: Track the position of your suitcase and belongings while travelling


This unit is designed to monitor power status and provide alerts on failures.
The unit’s potential applications include cold-chain power monitoring for
perishable goods, sensitive electronic equipment, server / computer room
monitoring, critical-equipment monitoring for hospitals and nursing homes
and power-critical infrastructure monitoring.


A self-contained, battery-powered unit designed to detect vibration or movement
indicating a potential tampering event. Potential applications include monitoring
doors, gates, cabinets, movable assets or any other property that is at risk.


This self-contained, battery-powered unit detects the presence or absence of
water for leak and flood detection, water level measurement and monitoring purposes.

Potential applications include:
• Geyser leak and kitchen, bathroom or basement flooding detection
• Water level in tanks or other water storage containers
• Water level in animal drinking troughs
• General flood alerting


A self-contained, battery-powered unit designed to detect the presence or absence
of a nearby magnet. Potential security applications include monitoring door, gate
or cabinet access. The unit can be used with standard burglar alarm magnets and
is compatible with industrial magnets in rugged environments or where longer
range is required. If the unit needs to be mounted remote to the sensor point, use
the IceMeter – Dry Contact, with cable input.


A self-contained, battery powered unit designed for interface with water flow,
electrical and gas meters where either a magnetic, optical or dry contact pulse
output is available. Designed for easy retro-fitment to existing meter
installations. Continual counting of pulses allows for remote billing and leak
detection notifications.


The Dry Contact unit is used to interface with external sensors or signals
and send alerts on predefined conditions. The sensor cable means the unit can
be located remotely to the signal source. Potential applications include interfaces with
magnetic or mechanical relays, switch contacts, level sensors, industrial equipment
providing a 0 – 10V or 4 – 20mA signal or NTC Temperature sensor. It can be used as a commercial product or as a certified unit to rapidly develop proof of
concept applications.


Instant contact between guests and staff, Call buttons allow the hospitality industry to go that extra step further in offering great customer service. As members of staff you might not always be visible or available and it is essential to get customer service right from the very beginning.
Call button solutions offer instant contact between guests and members of staff, assuring customers that their needs are being met with prompt and very efficient service. When a customer has pressed a button, a signal is transmitted directly to a panel or waiter pager. The staff pagers feature vibrate flash or tone alert options and can digitally display the table requiring service.

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