We deliver smart low cost wireless remote monitoring and IOT sensing solutions that measures, reports and optimise for most businesses and industries by using wireless sensors.
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Remote Monitoring Systems for Property Management

Managing properties efficiently while keeping overhead costs low is challenging. Whether you are managing large or small properties, there is plenty to worry about. One of the biggest challenges is spending time and money preforming manual inspections on site. Monnit wireless sensors are designed to send an alert to any internet enabled device should a potential problem arise. Monnit makes it easy to keep your properties in great condition by providing a simple, affordable remote monitoring solution for any property.



  • Prevent water leaks and damage by using water detection sensors

  • Avoid pipe freezing through use of temperature sensors

  • Monitor the activity of pumps, HVAC systems, or other machinery

  • Enhance security by tracking movement in open spaces, walkways, etc.

  • Be alerted if a door, window, cabinet, etc. is opened or left open

  • Oversee power consumption to avoid costly electric bills