Data and Server Room Monitoring

​Maintaining a complex server environment can be a major challenge. What happens when one piece of the puzzle malfunctions?

Temperature Monitoring of Data Centers, Server Rooms, UPS Room, Battery Rooms and similar critical installations are extremely important to maintain efficient working of all equipment inside the room.

Get real-time alerts for server room events that require your attention. Sensors can notify you of abnormal rack or duct temperatures. Our sensors can monitor many other variables for concerning symptoms—including increased power draw or water intrusion.

Always know the systems maintaining your server environment are performing optimally with our Wireless Sensors for remote server room monitoring.

The performance of the equipment is drastically affected by an increase in Temperature and hence needs reliable systems. 



  • Receive an alert if server rack temperature falls out of optimal range​

  • Monitor for water leaks in sub-flooring that can lead to costly damages​

  • Enhance security by monitoring motion in open spaces or near entrances​

  • Get alerted if doors or cabinets are opened or left open

  • ​Monitor power draw and consumption of server rack

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