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SMART Thermometer


The Smart Thermometer is a touch screen thermometer and temperature logger with attached thermocouple probe.  With a 2.8” screen it can clearly display its data logging and immediate graphing features.  This touch screen thermometer has three operational modes: Data Logging, Spot Measurement and CheckList. 


Data Logging: When in ‘Data Logging’ mode this touch screen thermometer can be set-up and left to take temperature readings at predetermined intervals. All data logging parameters are set using the EnviroPad’s user friendly touch screen interface, with custom settings such as: sample rate, high & low alarms and delayed start if you would rather begin logging at a later time or date.  All readings are saved to a file with a date and time stamp.

Spot Measurement: When in ‘Spot Measuremet’ mode the thermometer can be used as a digital thermometer using the thermocouple probe to manually capture temperature readings displayed on screen. A new temperature measurement is taken each time the user presses the on-screen ‘RECORD’ button. Over 65,000 spot measurements can be recorded in each file along with time and date.

CheckList:  The CheckList function allows users to create a unique list of items using the free PC software.  This function suits applications where the same items need to be regularly checked.  Features include Min and Max temperatures, Pass/Fail criteria, and the attachment of comments to individual readings on the hand held unit.  All tabular data displayed in the software can be exported in PDF or CSV format.

Free Software

The software is for users wishing to utilise the CheckList functionality.  This free package is easy to use and provides a simple customisation of regular temperature checks to speed up data collection and improve analysis.

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