In response to Coronavirus, retail outlets of all types have been forced to limit the number of customers on their premises at any one time so that social distancing can be enforced. This can cost retailers time and money by forcing them to post staff at entrances to manually limit customer numbers.
Avtec now have a solution to automatically limit customer numbers, freeing up retail staff to focus on their normal duties. The Hikvision Density Control Solution uses People Counting Cameras to monitor how many people are on a premises at any one time. It will grant access when the number of people on the premises is within the allowed limit, and deny access when the number of people on the premises is equal to or above the allowed limit. To learn more about how this system can help protect your business, please Contact Us.

The system can be installed in a number of different configurations. For premises with only one door for both entry and exit, one people counting camera can be used alone to control access. If there are multiple doors on the premises, the people counting cameras can be used in conjunction with either an I-Series recorder or HikCentral software to control access.

Fight back against COVID-19 and ensure your business can continue to operate. Contact Us for more information on how this system will save you time and money.


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