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Restaurant Calling System

Better service means higher profits. Happy guest is a potential returning customer.
In an industry where customer service can make or break a restaurant, it pays to invest in a Wireless restaurant calling system to improve the quality and speed of service. With our wireless paging solution, you can spend less time running around and more time in front of customers.The goal of our wireless products has been to increase your revenue while decreasing your overhead and expenses.


Transmitters (Call Buttons / Buzzers) are fully wireless and are used to call or notify Waiter Staff for additional food / beverages / bill. They have a 200m-300m range to Receivers, which can be extended by our Signal Repeaters (Signal Boosters). Most buzzers are waterproof, so spilling of drinks will not affect the buzzers.

We have various colours of Buzzers, please contact us for colour variations.


Buzzers can be placed on tables and or menu holders for advertisements and promotions.

Kitchen To Waiter Systems / Customer Buzzers /Coaster Pager System

Kitchen To Waiter - Used for kitchen staff to notify a specific waiter to collect order when ready. To ensure that customers always receive their food hot, fresh and giving waiters more time on the floor with their customers. 


Guest Paging - Pagers / Buzzers are given to patrons after they have placed their orders, for staff to notify them that their order is ready. This systems ensures that your counters are always clear and prevents the shouting out of order numbers which are sometimes not heard by customers. 


Supermarket Calling System

Queue Management - Next Customer Please

Transmitters / Call Buttons -Are used to call the next customer which easily mounts below the counter or next  to the cashiers till. The cashier will press the call button when their till is available and the till no. will be displayed on the LCD screen for customers to proceed to the available cashier.

Receivers / LCD Screen - The LCD screen will display the next available cashier no. and alert the customers with a beep. the volume is adjustable hence when the store or supermaket is very busy, the volume can be turned up. 

Void Management - Overide Please / Void Please

Transmitters / Call Buttons -Are used to call the manager which easily mounts below the counter or next  to the cashiers till. The cashier will press the call button when they need a void / overide.

Receivers / LCD Screen / Wrist Pager - The LCD screen or wrist pager will display the cashier no. who needs a void / overide and the manager can press the cancel button  to alert the other store managers that cashier who pressed  has been attended too. 


Nurse Calling System

Wireless waterproof panic button
Wireless panic buttons has a range of 200-300 m open area. They can be wearable around the resident/patients neck via a lanyard or wall mount next to the bedside/toilets/showers as it is waterproof.

It works with 12v battery which can last up to 1 year.

Wireless waterproof cancel button
Wireless cancel buttons has a range of 200-300 m open requires wall mount installation next to bedsides or entry of door in a room for the nurse to cancel once resident or patient is attended too.It works with a 12V battery which can last up 1 year.


Wireless waterproof cord call/cancel button

Wireless Wall Mount Cord Call/Cancel Button has a range of up to 300m open area.It requires a wall mount installation and has 2 ways to call via the panel or the button on the cord.It has a 12v battery which can last up to 1 year.  

LED Receivers/Wrist Watch Pagers

Wrist Watch Pager / ReceiverOur Wireless Wrist Watch Pagers are worn by the nursing staff or matron and allows immediate response times to a resident and is a replacement for a corridor light.the wrist watch pager can show where help is needed while the staff are doing their rounds and works during load shedding.wireless calling system nurse call/staff paging/guest paging/table monitoring/buzzers/panic buttons/elderly call/snake queue management/supervisor paging/wrist pager/bell system/call bells/staff paging/waiter call/patron/kitchen to waiter/

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