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Calibration Services for temperature monitoring

With our calibration services you can feel safe that your sensors always perform as expected. We offer complete calibration services for various measuring sensors.

To ensure that your sensors delivers precise, reliable and traceable results of the highest quality, it needs to be calibrated at regular intervals.


We offer a certified re-calibration service of your sensors to comply with national and  international standards.. To ensure accurate measurement results we recommend recalibrating every 12 months.

From on-site to laboratory calibration, we provide timely, traceable, and cost-effective calibration services to ensure both high performance and compliance of your quality critical instruments.

Comprehensive Calibration Services Offered

  • Professional calibration of your equipment

  • Services performed from a single source

  • Additional maintenance, cleaning and adjustment services – depending on your needs

  • Guaranteed traceability to your national standards

  • Clear presentation of all measured results on the calibration certificate and of the calculated uncertainty of measurement

  • Specially trained service technicians stand by you to provide expert technical advice and ensure the best calibration results

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