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Remote Monitoring Solutions For Food Service and Production

Monnit systems will alert you if something is off at your operation.

Food Preparation

Fresher Food for Your Customers

Your food keeps customers coming back. If you lost your inventory, how fast could you reopen?

Lose the loss

Checking temperatures to protect your customers and achieve regulatory compliance has never been easier. The FDA Food Modernization Act (FMA) requirements can be challenging. Fast track FMA compliance with Monnit's award-winning sensors.

Effortlessly monitor temperature and automatically create HACCP-compliant temperature logs. Facilitating ERES compliance, our sensors meet 21 CFR Part 11B requirements.

Get real-time alerts for any threats—such as temps rising, doors left open, or abnormal motor activity. Know your inventory is safe from struggling equipment and human error with Monnit Wireless Sensors for food service monitoring.

An Edge for Food Service

Know it's safe anytime, anywhere


A Monnit staple, our standard temperature sensor has an operating range of -40°C to +125°C ( -40°F to +257°F ). From the mini yet mighty coin cell to our robust industrial grade. Monnit has a temperature sensor to fit any need. Sensor features include automatic data-logging, up to 12+ year battery life, and a transmission distance up to 300 metre.

Water Detection

Slips and falls, damaged inventory, and downtime are a thing of the past with Monnit water detection sensors. With four types of detection and a variety of form factors to choose from, Monnit has you covered. These sensors can also be used to detect the non-presence of water. Click below to learn more.

Food Probe

Ditch the clipboard and manual temperature checks with the Wireless Food Probe Sensor. Stay FDA compliant with remote data collection. At the press of a button, the temperature is instantly displayed and stored. Stored data can be automatically transmitted for compliance and analysis. Designed with commercial kitchens in mind, the Food Probe Sensor is housed in an IP67-rated case with seamless push-buttons to facilitate sanitation.


Was the freezer door left open? Window ajar? Always stay in the know of the open/close status of your doors and windows. These sensors are also useful for restricted area monitoring.

Low Temperature

Make sure your valuable inventory stays ice cold with our Low Temperature Sensor. Benefits include round-the-clock temperature monitoring and recording, plus instant alerts if temperatures exceed user-set thresholds.

Power Consumption

An unexpected increase in power draw may mean that your equipment is in need of service. Stay in the know and fix it before failure with an AC Current Meter. These sensors are available in 20, 150, and 500 Amp.

Remote Monitoring for Business - How Monnit Works

In-Store Korean Food Sampling

Getting Started is Easy!

Remote Monitoring is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Select the sensors for remote monitoring of your Food Service or Production area.

  2. Install. All Monnit sensors can be installed in as little as 15 minutes.

  3. Gain peace of mind knowing that your operation is now being monitored around the clock. You'll receive an instant alert anytime conditions fall below or exceed predefined thresholds..


Award-winning technology & 15-minute setup mean adding powerful remote monitoring to your business is easy.


    Easy Set Up


Monnit's sensors can be set up within 15 minutes. An intuitive PC or smartphone interface simplifies sensor deployment.

Exceptional Range


Get the freedom of up to 300m+ of wireless range thanks to the one of the most powerful sensor platforms.

   80+ Sensor Types


With over 80 different sensor types (and counting), there is a monitoring solution for virtually any business.

Low Power,

Long Life


Industry-exclusive power management gives Monnit sensors up to 10 years of battery life—more than any other brand!

Low Cost



Low cost sensors that makes it affordable for everyone.

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