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Cannabis Grow House Environmental Monitoring

Put an end to grow room environment downtime and lost inventory.


Maintaining cannabis plant growth and yields just got a whole lot easier.
Let your business bloom

Maintaining a sophisticated cannabis growing operation can be a major challenge. What happens when one piece of the puzzle malfunctions? Even small temperature or humidity changes can potentially alter cannabis plant potency and yield.

Get real-time alerts when a situation requires your attention. Our sophisticated remote grow house monitoring systems are widely used in commercial grow houses and grow room environments. Our grow room monitoring solutions help grow room monitors optimize conditions and maintain a high level of control over environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and soil moisture.

Easy-to-Use Grow Room Data Logging and Monitoring

Monnit gives you peace of mind without sensor usage fees or expensive monthly subscriptions in a reliable grow room/grow house cloud-based or on-premise data logger and monitoring system. Always know your growing operation systems perform optimally with Monnit Wireless Sensors for remote cannabis grow room production monitoring.

How Monnit Works

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