iMonnit is an online server platform enabling continuous monitoring of assets and environmental conditions.

The data can be sent to the platform from any location, and the information is available via a web browser.

The platform allows users to analyse the data, generate reports and configure SMS / email alerts.

Subscription to iMonnit Premiere monitoring service for your wireless sensor network.

Upgrade your account to iMonnit Premiere and receive the following additional advanced features for a minimal annual cost:

  • Unlimited user accounts for system configuration, monitoring and notifications.

  • Sensor heartbeats (check-ins) down to 10 minutes.

  • Timed sensors (i.e. temp) can be user set to check against alert thresholds up to 256 times between heartbeats.

  • Triggered sensors (i.e. motion, door/window, etc.) record data as it happens, regardless of heartbeat.

  • Advanced sensor configuration options.

  • SMS text and email notifications sent from the system when sensor thresholds are exceeded.

  • Unlimited data storage.

  • Sensor Mapping Tool.

  • iMonnit API commands for integrating into 3rd party applications.

System Requirements                                Computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser
Notifications Supported                            SMS text message, email, voice phone call or Monnit local alert
Minimum Heartbeat (Sensor Check-in)        10 minutes
Number of Sensor Networks Supported      20 per account (Premiere account can link accounts for virtually unlimited sensor networks)
Number of Sensors Supported                   10,000 sensors per account (500 sensors per network)
Number of Gateways Supported                1,000 gateways per account
Number of Users Supported                       Unlimited
Sensor Data History                                  Not currently limited
Mobile Apps Available                             Android and iOS

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