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iMonnit Sensor Management Software
Online Sensor Monitoring Software for Remote Monitoring Solutions

iMonnit is a cloud based mobile internet platform and central hub for managing Monnit and ALTA products. All data is secured on dedicated servers operating Microsoft SQL Server. This online user interface is where all your device settings can be arranged, supervised, and modified to reflect your unique environment. You can access iMonnit on an internet browser simply by typing into the address bar. In addition, you can also download the iMonnit App from to your smartphone or tablet. Start with the basic version or upgrade to iMonnit Premiere to enjoy the full features your Monnit experience can offer.

Have full control over your software by managing notifications, reports, users and permissions.

iMonnit Premiere

​iMonnit Premiere is an online server platform enabling continuous monitoring of assets and environmental conditions. The data can be sent to the platform from any location, and the information is available via a web browser. The platform allows users to analyse the data, generate reports and configure SMS / email alerts.

This sensor management software maximizes performance via enhanced configuration options & features. Benefit from unlimited data storage, APIs & more. Premiere is offered in a host of 12-month subscriptions to suit networks from 6–99 sensors.

Monnit Express

This streamlined software runs offline as a standalone PC application for configuring & managing Monnit Wireless Sensors. Created for smaller networks ranging from 10–100 sensors, Express is cost-effective to operate and run. Email alerts are possible with an Internet connection.

iMonnit Enterprise

Large firms employ Monnit’s enterprise-level software to configure & manage expansive sensor networks. iMonnit Enterprise builds on Premiere by offering on-premises data hosting and management. On-prem suits those with sensitive data and usage requirements.

iMonnit Basic Vs Premiere:
  • Free with no ongoing costs

iMonnit Basic is included for free with all wireless sensors, providing basic features for you to configure and monitor your sensors online. These basic features only support one network and one registered user on an account.

  • Minimal Annual Fee

iMonnit Premiere allows for enhanced functionality of your wireless sensors and includes an advanced software feature set at a low annual cost. All of iMonnit's advanced features are availble for configuration. You can have more sensors on your account, support multiple users, and view floorplans for all your sensors.

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