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Wireless Water Level Monitoring Solutions

Get peace of mind about what’s going in your water tank when your not there.

Smart Water level Detection

Real and accurate liquid level monitoring 

Our self-contained battery powered unit measure the water level in any water tank. With a robust state of the art Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser sensor, our device can detect water levels up to 4000mm.


We have designed our device to cater for customers with a JoJo type tank of up to 20 000L. Our unique form factor design fits securely on the tanks lids (view images below) The device measures the water level every hour and with our smart algorithms provide the level in % and litres of any JoJo type water tank.

Our user friendly mobile application allows for users to set business rules and exceptions on when they would like to receive a notification at a specific water level. Not only does our solution provide accurate water levels but notifies users when the tank has been re-filled.


Avtec Smart Water Level Detect Device.jpg

• Low cost
• Compact Unit
• Easy Installation
• Waterproof and environmentally sealed
• Portable monitoring unit
• Hourly Updates
• Up to 4 years battery life 


• Transmit water levels every hour or at 10% increments
• High frequency built-in Time-of-Flight Laser Sensor
• Notifies on sudden increase and decrease which illustrates fills and leaks
• Notification setup via our mobile application or web based platform 

Programmable/ Configuration Options

• Transmit on fills or leaks or both
• Water level increments
• Reporting update intervals 

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