We deliver smart low cost wireless remote monitoring and IOT sensing solutions that measures, reports and optimise for most businesses and industries by using wireless sensors.
We  are an official trusted Monnit partner and therefore have the rights to sell Monnit products in South Africa.
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Smart low cost wireless remote monitoring

and IOT sensing solutions

Operating a business efficiently, yet cost effectively is challenging. There’s plenty to worry about without having to expend precious (and costly) human resources to manually monitor things that could be automated.

We offers an easy-to-use, remote monitoring solution for those who need to know instantly when a problem starts.

For example, monitor fridge and freezer temperatures; server rack temperatures, server room humidity levels, detect water under sub-flooring, monitor office environments, doors and windows, monitor for unauthorized access to certain areas. Get notified via SMS text and Email when a specified condition is met.

It’s easy to keep track of things, even when you’re not there.


Keep an eye on things-from anywhere with Technology which you can trust


Property Management

Warehouse Monitoring


Self Storage


Server Room


Self Storage




Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

All Your Data Everywhere

Either on the web or with our app on your device, you can view your current measurements and all the history. The sensors log all the data with timestamps and intuitive graphs. No problem if you are trying to view more than one sensor either. There is no limit to the number of sensor systems and networks you can keep track of remotely. iMonnit™ Cloud Software>

Easy to Set Up

Monnit™ sensors are continually logging data. Choose your own setting, whether you wish to record your data every minute or you may only need a reading once an hour, you can set this all up on in the cloud or on your device.

Low Power / Long Life

Our sensors use very little power, and the batteries can last for years. On top of that, when the battery is flat, you can simply replace it, compared to others where you have to replace the entire sensor. You can even view the current battery level online.



Our Wireless Sensors

We have sensors to almost detect anything.All our sensors are wireless with constant data logging to the cloud.






Providing a Number 1 Service

Our backgrounds in technology creation, manufacturing, marketing and sales provide us with the talents and skills needed to establish the foundation to be the low cost wireless sensor partner of choice.

Quality Service

To provide quality service that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Building a long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

To become the best in what we do.

Building a good reputation in the field.

Become a key player in the industry.

Cut expenses without sacrificing quality.

For peace of mind we offer a full manufacturer's warranty on all our products.

What people are saying

"Exactly what we needed and they didn't break the bank.Much cheaper than other solutions available.Very reliable and great to work with.We'll definitely be a returning customer!"

"I am impressed with these wireless sensors.They do exactly what we need them to and already saved us money!"

"Its wonderful to know about issues before they become problems.The sensors are very easy to install."

Kevin T- Facilities Administrator
Karl S- Production Manager
Rachel- Store Owner

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